Kendall Williams
Creative Development
Raised in Yonkers, NY, Kendall began writing poetry inspired by musicians from Michael Jackson to Nas and Jay-Z. His gift of rhyme and realism naturally evolved into music, influenced by Akon and The Black Eyed Peas. He created an electrifying, multi-faceted style of sleek hip-hop lyrics with a twist of R&B flare. He speaks 3 languages and has traveled the world, performing across Belgium, Spain, France and the UK and alongside Cheri Dennis and Ne-Yo.
Kendall's video for his song "Change" won the BET award for “Most Inspirational Music Video for an Independent Artist.” His video We'll Be Alright takes you on a journey across space and time and holds the honor of having been the first ever video filmed on the world’s longest and highest pedestrian bridge. Since its release “We’ll Be Alright” has garnered much attention, quickly receiving more than 300,000 views on YouTube and winning “Best Music Video” at the Las Vegas, Garden State, and Nevada Film Festivals.
Kendall's latest is a collaboration with France's newest upcoming dance hit duo KitSch 2.0. "Millionaire" marks what is only the beginning of new international wave, set to slam clubs and rock the air. "Millionaire" quickly rose to #1 at both MortalFM's top 10 in Spain and FlaixFM, the two largest radio stations in Spain, as well as almost a million hits on Youtube.
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