Ranging from event videography to scripted music videos and films, we’ve always enjoyed taking on new projects that push our creativity and broaden our own experiences.
​Starting in the days of DV and early HD High-Definition, we’ve taken pride in staying on the cutting edge of the industry. Now, with the emergence of 4k and beyond, we can say that we're ahead of the game, providing our clients with the highest quality capture and finish.
As we continue to grow in experience and alongside the latest technology, we look forward to taking on new and interesting projects that can push us in achieving the highest levels of digital video and cinema offered today, as well as make it viable for all to see, well into the future.
Production Packages
Red Helium 8k Cinema Camera Package
     • Titanium PL Mount
     • Aluminum Canon EF Mount
     • RED Touch 7" LCD Screen
     • RED Touch 4” LCD Screen
     • Blackmagic EVF
     • 2x 512GB MiniMags 2x 240GB MiniMags
     • RED Top Plate and Top Handle
     • RED Pro V-Mount Battery Plate
     • Wooden Side Handle Grip
     • 8x V-Mount Battery Batteries
     • CoreSWX Dual V-Mount Battery Charger
     • CoreSWX Hot-Swap Module
     • RED Tactical Assault Plate
     • RED STATION USB3.0 - SSD Card Reader
     • AC Adapter
Additional Support Gear
     • RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus Package
     • Vaxis Storm 1200FT Wireless Video
     • Secced Reach 3 Video Head & Tripod
     • DJI Ronin RS3Pro- S Gimbal
     • Easy-Rig Camera and Gimbal Support System
     • Bright Tangerine VIV Mattebox
     • Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Mattebox
     • Firecrest ND Filter Kit
     • O'Connor Follow Focus w/whip
     • Portkeys HD 7" LCD Monitor w/HDSDI
     • Dana Dolly and 9+ feet of Track
     • eMotimo Motion Control Kit for Dana Dolly
     • Car Mount System
     • Lectrosonics Wireless Lavs and Boom
     • Sound Devices 633 Recorder
     • Timecode Systems Ultrasync One Boxes
Panasonic GH5 Camera Package
     • Metabones Canon EF Speedbooster
     • Full body production camera cage
     • Blackmagic EVF with HDMI/SDI Converter
     • 2x 128GB Sandisk SD Cards
     • 4x 64GB Sandisk SD Cards
     • 6 Panasonic GH Series Batteries
     • 2 CoreSWX Powerbase Edge Batteries
     • Battery Chargers
     • AC Adapter
Panasonic CX-350 Camera Package
     • Integrated 20x Optical Zoom Lens (24.5-490mm)
     • 6x 64GB Panasonic Micro-P2 Cards  
     • 6 Panasonic Batteries
     • Varizoom LANC Lens Controller
     • Battery Charger
     • AC Adapter
     • Great Joy Optics 35mm Anamorphic PL 
     • Great Joy Optics 50mm Anamorphic PL
     • Great Joy Optics 85mm Anamorphic PL
     • Sigma Cine 20mm PL
     • Sigma Cine 24mm PL 
     • Sigma Cine 35mm PL 
     • Sigma Cine 50mm PL 
     • Sigma Cine 68mm PL 
     • Tokina 11-20mm PL
     • Tokina 11-20mm EF
     • Canon 24-70mm EF
     • Canon 70-200mm EF​​​​​​​
     • Aputure LS600d
     • Aputure Amaran 200x S
     • Genaray Torpedo LED Kit
     • F&V LED Panels
     • Dracast LED Panel Bi-Color
     • Arri 150w Fresnels
     • Viltrox LED Panels BiColor
     • Yongnuo RGB Wands
     • Aputure AL-M9 Mini LED

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